Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Open for buisness?

If you need a logo or something done, I can do it for you. I want to get my name out there, for web design. I'm really good at making logos, web design, etc. I hope to go to the Arts Institute. I use Photoshop, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver. CS3, that is.

other than that, I'm still drawing ponies -_-

heres something i drew this morning. DJ PON3, or scratch with the classic nope.avi from tf2.

I'm also creating a wallpaper, a nebula i guess. really time consuming, yet epic.


  1. make sure you think about your own personal style because it's really easy to just be one of many artists who are technically good but have work which is difficult to distinguish from another.

    if someone sees your work, would they go "oh that must be done by jack anderson"

    also, nope.avi is awesome

  2. Can i see an example?
    Shoot me an email

  3. A logo and a website? I'm starting up a new company and maybe we could work out some kind of deal?